Creative Concierge Connection was formed in 1999 by  professionals who between them offer more than 45 years of experience in the 4 and 5 star hospitality industry.  The majority of this experience has been gained within the Southern Sun Group at the following hotels: The President Hotel in Sea Point, the De Waal Hotel in Gardens, the Cape Sun hotel in Strand Street and the Holiday Inn Waterfront.

  • Creative Concierge Connection operated from the Concierge Desk at the Southern Suns Waterfront Hotel  (Holiday Inn Waterfront) from 1999 – 2006.
  • The  Travel desk  at the Spier Hotel Stellenbosch since its opening in November 2000 to July 2014.
  • The Concierge Desk at the Fountains Hotel ( Leisure Group of Hotels)  in Cape Town since 2007.
  • The Concierge Desk at the  Strand Towers Hotel ( Leisure Group) which opened in May 2010.

Creative Concierge is an emerging enterprise with a valid  BEE status. In addition to this, about 90% of the service providers from whom we enlist services, are BEE companies. Since we are ourselves an emerging enterprise, we believe in providing opportunities for other emerging HDI entrepreneurs operating within the tourist and hospitality industry

We are a full-service, independent agent that offers concierge and travel services to the local and international tourism market

We have an existing administrative infrastructure, and work with a wide range of service providers in the transport and tours sector.

Creative Concierge Connection is managed by its Director who displays his commitment to the industry by actively participating in the day-to-day activities of the company.

We aim to be at the forefront of change within the industry and we will train and develop our staff to recognize these changes as they occur.

As a dynamic and multi-cultural team, we access business opportunities and create unique travel experiences. Our clients can be assured of faultless service delivery through combined skills and effective involvement in the industry.